Dan Theobald, Greenville, SC resident – Will talk about “Water” on live TV appearance Earth Day 4/22/2015!

I will appear live 9:00 AM Central Time Earth Day Wednesday 4/22/2015 on Fox4KC Morning Show talking about “Water”:


To access the live stream of the show:



Topics covered may include the following:

-The Drought in California—Possible Solutions

-Current Initiatives That Are Underway

-What Each Citizen Can Do to Conserve Water

-How Communities Can Share Water With Each Other

-Toxic Dangers of Mop Water in Your Home—The Danger of Cleaning Chemicals Used in Our Homes

-Bottled Water or Tap Water – Which is The Best

-An Economical Way to Test Water at Home

-Rainwater Harvesting—Saving Water From Rooftops and Other Sources

-Converting Ocean Water (Salt Water) to Safe Drinking Water

-Recycling Water Used in Industry into Safe Drinking Water



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Dan Theobald is the owner of Environmental Services and is a professional Wastewater and Safety consultant and trainer. Dan, known in the industry as “Wastewater Dan”, has twenty years of hands-on experience operating many variants of wastewater treatment processing units, and is a trainer in Wastewater & Industrial Health & Safety topics. He serves as an active consultant to a variety of industries, achieving and maintaining improved wastewater treatment at reduced cost.




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