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Ask today:

To Join our Water Security Team


Web Cam Commandos

I want to offer something to you that we can work on together that may ultimately benefit both of us!


Free of charge, I ask you to consider having your own character in my comic book series

(THE WASTEWATER WIZARD); developed and marketed by the Naked.com model Milk Shake and her husband.


Their comic book Web site is Web Cam Commandos:



Their animation Web Site for Animated Comics:



The Naked.com Model (Milk Shake) Web Site is:



The Naked.com Model (Milk Shake) email address is:



We are developing a Comic Book series around my theme; THE WASTEWATER WIZARD!


The series will likely have five comic books. Each book will have an electronic version and a print version. Both versions will be available to each model appearing in the book.


Selected sections from each book will feature a standalone animated video.


Comic book sales will initiate thru Milk Shakes web site with proceeds distributed to models in book.


I need female characters for my comic book & I want you to be a character!


You will incur no cost & I just want us to have fun with it. 


Please let me know what you think!

Naked.com Models in alphabetical order who already agreed to be in WASTEWATER WIZARD’s Water–Security Comic book series are:

Alice Wakefield http://new.naked.com/webcam/alice-wakefield/39977

Anakaliyah http://new.naked.com/webcam/anakaliyah/33739

Angel xxxx http://new.naked.com/webcam/angel-xxxx/24210

Ashton Anderson http://new.naked.com/webcam/Ashton-Anderson/31030

Aubree Jade http://new.naked.com/webcam/aubree-jade/41040

BlaqChocolat http://new.naked.com/webcam/blaqchocolat/41326

Camille Anderson http://new.naked.com/webcam/camille-anderson/32430

Camille Campbell http://new.naked.com/webcam/camille-campbell/39980

DominoMonroe http://new.naked.com/webcam/DominoMonroe/40575

Heather Kori http://new.naked.com/webcam/heather-kori/34257

Honey Luau http://new.naked.com/webcam/honey-luau/22785

Jaii Boss http://new.naked.com/webcam/Jaii-Boss/47732

Jamaica Treat http://new.naked.com/webcam/jamaica-treat/27313

Kacy Lynn http://new.naked.com/webcam/kacy-lynn/39671

Kitty Kums http://new.naked.com/webcam/kitty-kums/18999

Lacie James http://new.naked.com/webcam/camille-campbell/39980

Lisa Black http://new.naked.com/webcam/Lisa-Black/36426

Mia Ryu http://new.naked.com/webcam/Mia-Ryu/35101

MilaGabor http://new.naked.com/webcam/MilaGabor/29775#

Milk Shake http://new.naked.com/webcam/milk-shake/16108  

MissApple http://new.naked.com/webcam/missapple/42816

Perfexxxion http://new.naked.com/webcam/Perfexxxion/32560

Sabra Steele http://new.naked.com/webcam/sabra-steele/41733

Shelbie Sue http://new.naked.com/webcam/Shelbie-Sue/35699

Spicy J http://new.naked.com/webcam/spicy-j/30848   

Tierneyxo http://new.naked.com/webcam/tierneyxo/42108

Tommi Rebel http://new.naked.com/webcam/tommi-rebel/30721